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  1. By me asking if this type of move happens a lot, I was asking if this type of move is common for parolees to be asked to move back to the county of their offense. I had never heard of this before, and I guess I can't see it as a benefit.
  2. I didn't know that this would be a requirement, for him to move there. He has no family that lives near the town he would live in. That's my main concern, he'd be at least 6hrs from any family, that along with moving back to the place he originally was charged. I'm more worried he's going to fall into the same crowd and violate parole.
  3. My brother is on parole in Texas. He is living in a halfway house. His parole officer has requested "a plan" from him to move back to the county of his conviction. Is this something that happens a lot? He would like to avoid this situation if at all possible.
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