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  1. i did call the police and they said it was too late to file a police report. This happened in August and I have been waiting for the person to get back with me. I learned a big lesson. don't believe what you are promised, if no police report if filed then they are in the clear. They promised to be fair and help me out moneywise....now they don't remember saying that.
  2. did you read another person's reply?  they said that if i take the insurance money they may be able to get their money back from me.  is that true?  they also said make sure i get my insurance's permission to sue....??


  3. ok...that's fair but she was driving on the wrong side of the street and she did leave the scene of the accident. That would have been some kind of fine I think.
  4. My vehicle was hit while it was parked legally in front of my house. The driver was driving on the wrong side of the street. She hit it and then left the scene, drove home which is about 4 houses down and wasn't going to come back butthe neighbors heard the crash and made her come back and tell me. Like a fool I didn't call the police because her parents didn't want her to have a police report on her record. My vehicle was totaled as was her vehicle. Her insurance company was not willing to give me what i think my vehicle was worth so I ended up going through my own insurance company. They offered me more for my vehicle but not what I think it was worth. My question is this; can i accept what my insurance offered me and still take her to small claims court for the diffeence of what i think my vehicle was worth....i have several comparisons that i can show the judge. I do not want to loose the offer from my insurance company but i think they (the person that hit me should put me in a better position to get a vehicle. I did the family a huge favor by not calling the police as there would have been numerous tickets such as driving on the wrong side of the street, leaving the scene of an accident, no seat belt, speeding.
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