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  1. Thank you for your reply... in fact it was the police who had him call my friend, text, and try to get him to bring the drugs to that house. My friend would of never did this if they hadn't kept on, and on with all the repeated times of calling, and text (which there were 21 phone calls, and 11 text) he has this on the phone that was used that day...... waiting on your reply..... Respectfully, A Concerned Friend
  2. A search warrant was served on this man and home for drugs on the property by the state. They found 4.5 onces on his property.The police asked him to contact someone to sell who he might know to come sell him 4 ounces of meth and he contacted a friend who lived 45 miles away to see if this could be done. This friend was able to bring the drugs but 10 min away got a phone call that the police were already there at the home so went to another house instead of the property where the police were at. The police had him calling, and texting this person many many times, he answered the phone and told him he had heard the police were there and was afraid to go there. At that point he said that it wasn't true, and how people run their mouths all the time not to worry everything was fine the police were not at his house. a few hours latter he had another person call to say she would come, pick up the meth, and bring it to him for my friend. He refused to let her come to get anything and stayed at the house for several more hours as the phone calls and text kept coming. My friend refused to answer any of them. After about seven hours my friend drove over there because once again the only time he answered the phone for these two people, and once again assured the police were not there went to his house, walked in and just opened the laundry room door to find two officers standing behind the door waiting for him to get there..... My question is, because of all the calls, and text and hours it took him to go there isn't that entrapment..... they had to talk to him and lie, and assure him no police were there when in fact it was the police who were telling him to make all the calls and text for about six hours in order to get him to go there ...... I will wait for your reply. Thank You for your time and advise........
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