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  1. My PO extended my probation twice, the second time exceeding the 2 year limit. I lost all of my vacation/sick time at work and 12 days of pay for classes I had to travel to in order to comply with my probation. My family struggled financially due to the cost and travel expenses to these classes. My PO is now trying to get my probation revoked due to 2 unfinished classes. Co attorney already dismissed 1 motion for it, but PO says he's filing another. That was until I showed him the state statute. My question is, how can he get away with not complying with the state statute? Isn't that breaking the law in a sense?
  2. State statute of limitations states for first offense misdemeanor, total amount of probation shall not exceed 2 years. I have been on probation 2 years, 3 months and 28 days. Probation officer admitted he screwed up when I presented him with the state statute. Is there any type of restitution for things like this? Also, what are his obligations as far as signing off on probation, dismissing it etc. How does it end?
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