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  1. Thanks because it is true maybe I have been fortunate I only ask a question because I did not know the law because I never had deal with bad things with my tenants sorry if you had bad tenants but all but this one for me have been good. And if you have never had to deal with something. How do you know what to do? Question asked and answered Thanks no more please.
  2. I have been a landlord for 35 years and I only ask this question because I never had anyone leave with out telling me where they are and someone stay and try to take over the deposit. I have never had to go to court for anything in the 35 years I been a landlord I am a good landlord and I always had good tenants please if you think the questions I ask are from someone that should not be a landlord maybe you should take a good look at yourself no offense.
  3. I sent a notice to quit letter to my tenants. Because they moved in 2 extra people not on the lease. I ask them to move the people out or all of them will have to move. one of the tenants moved with out telling me anything the other tenant has not moved but has been talking to me about moving. She now told me she is going to move. it is now the end of the month and I do not have time to get the place rented in time so I will not louse a month rent or more I have a deposit but I do not know what I do now. do I rent the house and then send the notice to one person (because I do not know where the other person is) what I used the deposit for? (and can I use the deposit for the loss of rent?) or do I have to go to court to end the lease and rent the place? How long do I have to wait before to see if the first person comes back and who do I give the left over deposit to? The person that I can not get in touch with the receipt for the deposit name is in.
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