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  1. So something similar happened with me. I was making a u turn and actually needed to wait for the left arrow to turn green and i did. I was in the middle of making the u turn when the guy hit me. I noticed him a couple seconds before he hit me, so i couldnt stop it. He claimed he saw the other car near him go, so he went. Obviously he wasnt looking at his light and he hit a red light. He must've looked at the cars waiting to turn left. Anyways, we never called the police because no one was injured. Later his insurance told me hes saying he had a green light and since i was making a u turn, i shouldve seen him. He didnt even look at the pictures i had of the incident that show i was already in the middle of my u turn and he did not contact the passengers in my car because they will be 'biased'. I just want to know, if i had 4 people in my car who can testify and tell the truth, that i had the green arrow, would that be enough in small claims court?
  2. Do passengers in the car count as witnesses or would they be considered biased and unreliable?
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