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  1. What you just stated doesn't make any sense. The key words you just stated is "that your car was hit" meaning she did not have control of the lane or the right of way. Again the only evidence is my word against hers and the damage to her car. You can resign yourself to accepting a lie, not a fact, and paying higher premiums, but I won't and neither should anyone who allow insurance companies to make you pay for something you can't use without having to pay more when they have a claim against you. How unfair is that?
  2. The claim will affect how much I have to pay in premiums and that is unfair when I don't believe my actions caused this accident. Everyone knows insurance companies love it when they can find a reason to raise your premiums. Knowing this why would I just accept paying more for insurance because I now have a claim on my record.
  3. Last week I was getting on the I-10 going east from 19th Ave around 11:00 a.m. There were also 2 sets of lanes going east to exit off at 7th Ave. I was in the far right lane and had to cross over the exit lanes for 7th Ave. I was driving between 30 to 40 mph when I started to merge into the 2nd lane. As I always do I checked my rearview and side mirror before merging and put on my left blinker. When I got about 3/4 of the way into the 2nd lane I suddenly felt and heard a loud noise on the lower portion of my vehicle, which by the way is a Jeep Patriot. The jolt from the impact caused me to immediately turn my wheel back to the right, were thankfully no other cars were coming and I pulled off the road. When I looked behind me I noticed a white vehicle behind me and a black vehicle behind the white vehicle. When I got out of my car I didn't see any damages whatsoever so I went to the white car and checked and then the black vehicle. The guy driving the black vehicle said he didn't have any damages either and just drove off. I went back to the female in the white car and by then she had gotten out of car were she pointed to the damages near her right fendor on the passenger side. She immediately started saying I crossed in front of her and she tried blowing her horn and hitting her break. I told her I didn't see her car when I was merging and that she must have sped up or came from another lane, which she denied. So she didn't want a police so we exchanged information. Since there was no damage to my vehicle I wasn't planning on making a claim. But the girl did file a claim and stated it was my fault for crossing into the lane she was already in. My insurance company is agreeing with her and I don't think that it is fair. I followed protocol in changing lanes properly and I don't feel liable because the white vehicle hit me. I'm just fortunate I didn't have any damages. Her vehicle hit mine, not in the front of my vehicle, not in the middle but right near my rear tire on the driver's side. I am surprised that I didn't go into a spin. I wouldn't mind sharing some blame, but certainly not all of it. How do I defend myself from a driver's claim that it was my fault and my insurance company who feels the same? Any statutes for changing lanes? Any similar cases? I do plan to fight this if sued or if my insurance company makes a final confirmation that I am responsible.
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