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  1. The attorney-in-fact is now executor of estate. We knew many items were missing, but when appraisal came back of all items probably 70% of tangible items were missing. This all occurred during the three-week time period when principal was in a coma.
  2. Myself, an heir, and another sibling, whom is an heir spoke with an attorney during the time when items were being removed from the house and the principal was lying in a coma for three weeks. The attorney-in-fact hired an attorney to help with the estate. No, the attorney-in-fact is not deceased. In reference to the purpose of wanting to review the POA, the "attorney-in-fact" told us, the heirs, that they held the POA, but they liquidated valuable items (not sold, but still have and now stating they were given to them a few years ago) and almost all tangible household items to herself and her children. We have picture and video proof of this.
  3. Attorney-in-Fact of principal removed many, many valuable items from this person's home when they were dying in a nursing home. Spoke briefly with an attorney who stated there was nothing that could be done in this matter until time of appraisal of remaining items. So, none of items taken were returned and attorney-in-fact is now claiming all items she took was given to her a few years ago. We have pictures and videos to prove this otherwise. When pressed through attorney-in-fact's estate lawyer to see the poa that was given to her from the principal so the actions of such person could be reviewed, the response given was it was thrown away after principal's death. How can someone possibly get away with this?
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