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  1. it been a long time, I don't even remember if I got one of certificate or not, when I call the Kent county clerk, she said that I didn't return the form that expired after 30 days and she said that we're not legally married .
  2. In 2002 we went to Kent County court to get marry . Me and my love ( I always said my husband and I) had all kind of ceremonies, receptions, in church, too. After all that year we been filed tax and everything together as husband and wife . Two weeks ago I applied for a passport and it asked for Date of Marriage, I wasn't sure the exactly date because I consider the date we got married in church is the date but it have to be the date at the court. I never have a marriage certificate and I never thought I must have one because we went to the court for paper work . It been a long time and I never know that we were not legally married because Kent county clerk couldn't find our record, they said we were not legally married because we never return the form ... required for the marriage license . We thought we were married for all those years, we filed everything together, now what do we need to do to make everything legally ? And since we're not legally married do we have to refile the tax ? Do we need to do anything to prove either we are married or single ?
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