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  1. When my Daughter and her ex divorced the judge divided up their assets and debts. She was to was given the more expensive vehicle because she was able to keep paying on it while he couldn't. He took the less expensive vehicle. Their credit cards and other bill that were owed were also divided between the two. She has a full time job and he has no job or works on his family's farm and works odd jobs for cash. Anyway, he stopped paying on the bills that he was supposed to take care of and she is now being saddled with those also, because those credit card companies are garnishing her wages. She has also been told that she now owes on a loan that she can't remember even signing for. What kind of recourse does she have for this? She has been told that she cannot file for bankruptcy unless he also he agrees to it also, which he said he won't do. She is getting so far in debt now that we are trying to help as much as we can. This is in Kentucky. Please help!!
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