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  1. Was accused of theft from my job ,and arrested on the job in front of my co-workers and none employees. Taken to the police station and questioned .I explained that I did not take anything from the job and I was being falsely charged. My job was to load trucks every night and I was doing my job. The company charged me with theft , then after we were terminated they changed the reason for termination to mishandling product . these procedures are continuously happening do to company error . No one has ever been (termed) for the accusations that were placed on me But in my case I am affiliated with the union so they use that reason to terminate my employment . So now I'm seeking employment and I was told that I have a theft charge on my record and cannot obtain employment in my field , do to these accusation of theft when there was no theft in the first place . Just a reason to terminate my employment , and hinder me from getting employed in my field. Is there a case that I can file for deformation ????
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