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  1. Hey, I need some advice for suing Dealership or in this case Lawsuit able??? My car 2012 BMW 528 xi. broke down on 8/28/2016 on the way to new york.car broken down in PA.i towed car to closed to BMW dealership. they couldn't figure out, what's wrong on the car.car crank but, doesn't start. so they did an ENGINE DIANOS to find out ( Internal damaged). still don't know why....they tell me i had an enough oil,even i did;t oil changed for 19,700 miles. last oil changed on APril 17, 2016 BMW dealership gave me a estimate $18,800 for engine replacement car cannot be fix. i paid the service fee of$ 600 for nothing spend $455 towed the car to my hometown Maryland BMW( purchased car from) they call me today. car is fixable...estimate of $6300 they paying half of labor charge. questions is some dealership can fix it, some not? it that make sence to you? I dont get it... if the first dealership told me the same as MARYLAD BMW.i wouldn't spend extra$1,055 for nothing and my times.
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