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  1. I am doing bullet points as much easier. Location: Bluffton, SC Mom met man on internet 2.5 to 3 years ago (seniorpeoplemeet.com) Man moved in after 3 weeks Daughters noticed moms memory was getting worse and worse Talked mom into going to a specialist for dementia/alzheimers Mom went but internet man insisted on going. specialist recommended further testing in Savannah. Internet man talked my mom out of it. Internet man bought new truck with my moms money for 30,000.00 Internet man had my mom attend a Baptist Church - pastor stated they should be married legally to be part of church Internet man talked my mom into marrying him but didn't want him to tell her daughters ( myself and my two sisters) Did not do a prenup per our request - and stated to my mom half of all she has will be his as soon as they get married (per internet mans two daughters who live in CT) They got married He bought a boat for 50,000.00 Internet man only has social security and has been married 3 previoius times. Right after marriage my mom went to her attorney with internet man and changed POA to him along with changing the will and leaving all to him including house Now remember - mom already had some signs of dementia two years ago and he would say nothing was wrong with her. 9 months after marriage - mom going over to neighbors houses - stating she needs to get away from him, he is spending all her money, she sees people in the house that are not there She takes walks in early morning and we have to call dispatch. She stopped taking her BP pills We ended up picking her up and took her right to the hospital (internet man didnt' even know and she was gone longer than 12 hours and he didn't even look for her) Carolinas Health diagnosed her 4 days ago with a UTI, dementia, dehydration, and high blood pressure. taken back home - took all her antibiotics in one day, took 5 blood pressure pills in one day. Next day, out walking at 4:00 a.m. and had to pick her up. Had dispatch come and escort into house to get her meds, clothes, etc. Internet man was not home - left door open. Internet man goes over to neighbor across the street and tells her that he is POA and everything she has is his. He changed all locks on doors and they only have one key and he keeps it. Internet man let my moms drivers license expire. She is held captive HELP! Every day it is as if we are allowing her life to be put in jeopardy. What lawyer should I get. He is neglecting her health, spending all the money my mom had left from my daddy to take care of her in her elderly years. neighbors document.docx
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