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  1. Yes we want to terminate the lease early. The research I have done suggest giving 30 day notice. We want to be as nice and accomodating as we can and will give them 60 or even 90 days to make sure they can find a new place to live. We just don't want to wait until June 1 (when the signed lease agreement ends)
  2. We have rented our house in SC due to moving to California. We are ready to move back to our SC home but would like to break the lease to make their move out date sooner so we can move back. There isn't much in our lease agreement about the landlord breaking the lease- only about if the tenant wants to break the lease. This says they need to give 60 days notice plus 2 months rent as a fee on top of regular rent. We do have a clause that says "termination upon sale of property" says we can terminate the agreement with 60 days written notice. But we did not sell the house we just want to move back. Thanks.
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