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  1. I really need advice. In October my roommate and I were in a car accident. A car stopped short and we rear ended them. By standers immediately came to car and told us that the engine was smoking badly and we needed to get out of the car. My roommate and I were sitting in chairs on the side of the road when the police arrived. The police office gave my roommate a ticket at the ER. There was writing at the bottom of ticket that we couldn't read. We were in the process of trying to figure out how to go about deciphering the ticket when my roommate who was the driver got a letter in the mail telling her she needed to pay the ticket immediately or she'd lose her license so we paid it right away. Shortly after that we found out that the writing we couldn't read said that my roommate wasn't wearing her seat belt which is completely false. If she hadn't been wearing her seat belt she most likely wouldn't have survived. I'm writing this instead of my roommate because she's unable to deal with the accident and everything that's happened as a result. There has to be a way to correct this. Her car insurance has gone up over $150 because of a lie told by a police officer. She feels like a burden because she has no money and is constantly in pain and to make matters worse a police officer who's supposed to protect people lied and said she wasnt wearing her seat belt when he didn't even get to the accident until we were already out of the car. Please any help or info you can give me will be greatly appreciated. She's never even had a speeding ticket. It's a horrible situation Thanks
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