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  1. I work for a large hospital and recently injured myself. I had surgery less than 30 days ago. After 2 weeks I follow up with the doctor NP who was adamant that I could not return to work or have physical therapy until my next appointment with the doctor which was a month away. She gave me a do not returned to work note. Ok. After a week went by I thought about my medical insurance and who was going to pay for it. I called the work comp coordinator at my job and asked about using my paid time off to pay for my insurance since the check I receive wasn't much. The work comp coordinator had the doctor NP change my order to light duty so I could go back to work before I saw the doctor who was on vacation for 3 weeks. I had rotator cuff repair and one of my arm is in a sling. Of course he didn't care and force me back to work. The light duty that I was supposed to do required both hands. Needless to say, in an instinct I forgot that I was not to use the restrictive arm and re injured my shoulder all over again. What I want to know is there any type of way that you can report his conduct to some agency outside of the hospital? I do have an attorney but I want to go further because he lied and told me that my light duty would consist of just answering the phone and watch a monitor. It was much more than that. He was very rude and nasty to me which my attorney is aware of.
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