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  1. Dear FindLaw Forum I had a property foreclosed on in 2008 that I had refinanced in 2006 with the notorious New Century mortgage. They were bought out by Countrywide which was bought out by Bank of America. I didn't address the issue at the time, and it was foreclosed on in default. I had a lot going on in my life right then, divorce, business issues, etc. So, now, years later, I'm wondering if I have any chance of taking the current designees to court to get some damages based on the fact that I never saw any clear chain-of-title. I certainly didn't see a "Master Agreement" (or series there of) to make it clear that there was a valid transfer of title through each of the parties. Right during my foreclosure in 2008, New Century was under investigation, and they did not disclose any of that investigation to me. Lisa Madigan (our IL Attorney General) got me about $1000 because of the poor business practices of my mortgage holders (in a group settlement) but accepting that agreement specifically said that I did NOT give up my right to sue BoA directly at a later date. So, that part of the settlement has rolled around in my brain for these years, and I know any statute of limitations will run out soon. If I will sue them, it should be now. Has anyone had any success in pursuing chain-of-title issues against a debt company, or defunct mortgage company? Am i crazy to even suggest it? Are there any prior successes in this kind of thing in any state that I can reference on this. Thanks for the opportunity to ask this question.
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