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  1. So sorry. Here are more details. Student not allowed to park . Nj public High school. Over summer seniors who applied ( my daughter did) are chosen in a random lottery for in campus parking. She was not lucky. We had made other arrangements. no issues. Two weeks ago had an injury and surgery requiring and now at least 6 months of temporary handicapped tag use. Drs ordered and DMV issued. So let school know... Temporarily would be using handicapped spots closest to door she needed to go in daily. Accommodates students needs, requiring no extra work on part of school. Seems to be simple solution. There are over 15 maybe more? Handicapped spots. NEVER used in a variety of parking lots on a large campus. Almost immediately school replies NO. She may NOT use any handicapped spots in campus. IF she had been lucky enough to been chosen in lottery way back before injury happened... And the. Needed to park in handicapped it would be no problem. But since she wasn't... She is banned from using handicapped spots. Cannot imagine this is at all legal.
  2. Student parking lot. Sign does say restricted permit parking NJ law enforcement. Denied using handicapped parking space with dr ordered valid Nj state temporary handicapped issued tag because name was not chosen in random lottery weeks prior to disabling injury. Administrator said Had student been chosen several weeks ago, using handicapped spot now would not be an issue. Isnt this violation of ADA?
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