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  1. That is where my problem lies. She is their only grandchild. After her father and I agreed to them getting her, the first year was fine, until I informed them that I was needing to move to Arizona to help take care of my mother. We set specific times a year I would come back for 2+ weeks to spend time with her but now they are giving us major problems because, once we regain custody, she will be moving to Arizona with me. They enjoy having her around, as any grandparent would, and they are fighting tooth and nail to keep her even though she has expressed, on a regular basis, how she wants to be with me or her father.
  2. The Grandparents were granted custody because her father and I were young and felt she would do better with them until we matured and could provide for her, in all fashions, the way that she needs us to. It was a mutual decision. There was no neglect, abuse or anything of that nature. I fully intend on getting an attorney, I just wasn't sure which state I needed to seek council. Thank you all for your help. It's much appreciated.
  3. I (Mother) moved to Arizona 3yrs ago with my son. My daughter stayed in Alabama because her paternal grandparents have custody of her. I've been searching for days on how to go about getting a change of custody from out of state with no luck. Her father (in Alabama) and I are on the same page as far as how we would handle custody and visitation once we regained custody of her. Her grandparents are well known and respected in the community and this may not go mine or her fathers way, but I'll do what it takes. Which forms do I need to change custody since I no longer live in her state and which state would I need to obtain an attorney if need be? Also, if my daughter wanted to come live with me in Az, what forms and would I file for that?
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