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  1. My ex and I broke up 2.5 years ago and he kept the cheaper car that he took upon himself to not put my name on. His car is paid off and I was left with a high interest loan, with him as a consigner, on a cheap car. I asked Reddit and they think I shouldn't file bankruptcy over a car. I don't make a lot, less than 15k this year, and as a single mom 30k on a 3k car is a little overwhelming to say the least. I dont want want to pay this alone for one. What are my rights and his obligation to pay? I'm thinking I just stop paying my phone bill under his name, which he also can't stop paying since our phones are in contract. That would at least save me $120 a month that can go towards the car. He has never paid anything on the car and we had 3 cars total that I paid for with him yet he kept my name off of against my will so I never got good reporting on my credit for paying. I read that he has a right to take our car - this is legal but seems really unfair since he's never paid a penny on it. Anyways, can I even file bankruptcy on this car since his name is on it? How would that work in a 13 or 7? Thanks for your time. -K
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