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  1. Thank you to all for your responses. Just to clarify some things, I only posted here to get some input and boy did I get it. Based on the responses I see that none of you have likely ever been in my position. I suppose I should not have said anything about my car payment. I ask however that you put yourself in my position. My car which was totaled was worth alot more to me than any KBB value. It was in excellent condition, a top of the line SUV with everything I wanted. That's why I used my hard earned money and paid cash for it. Not sure if any of you have looked at the insurance rates in Colorado or looked for a used car here for $4900.00 (the amount I have yet to receive or not receive based on the adjuster's opinion). Given the fact that the area I live in was hit by a nasty hailstorm the pickings are slim. Not only that but not even one of you thought about what the insurance company is required to do if the at fault driver does not acknowledge or respond to his insurance company request for information concerning the accident. Well let me tell you, they can sit on it for 30 days and then deny the claim if they feel it is a bogus. So now you say, "Well you have the police report". Yes, I do and yes his insurance has accepted responsibility. Now you say, "What's the problem?" "You should have carried under/uninsured coverage." I'll agree, if I could have afforded the coverage, I would have had it! Now for the comment that is the best, "You bought a nicer car than what yours was worth, that's on you." Not sure what that has to do with anything! I don't have cars sitting around waiting to be used, I am at work before public transportation has had their coffee, and I do not have people at my beck and call to get me to work at o'dark thirty. Do you have all of these things? If so, then you must be in the upper echelon. Oh, and have I forgotten to mention it took a week to catch up to the driver, another 3 weeks for him to respond to his insurance and it has been 6 weeks since the loss of my vehicle, still waiting for a check from his insurance. How long could you go without a vehicle? So, yes I guess it is on me for being the victim of a hit and run and a responsible person for financing a USED car so I can continue to be a productive member of society!
  2. My vehicle was parked in front of my residence (on the curb in front of my house) when a vehicle came across my neighbor's yard and slammed in to my car pushing it 15 feet into our driveway. The driver attempted to drive away but his truck was caught on the driver side of my vehicle between the running board and door. When he couldn't drive away he fled the scene on foot. Four of my neighbors watched him leave his truck and run. The authorities were called, a file was reported, and I was left with a totaled vehicle. The authorities called me a week later to let me know they had the info on the driver and his insurance information. When I received a copy of the police report I was shocked to see that the driver was only issued a careless driving citation. If I am correct, he fled the scene and should be charged with that. Yes, I am a bit miffed because my car was paid off and now I am stuck with a car payment for the next 5 years, (talk about a blow to the bank account) while the guilty party gets a ticket and loses 4 points, where is the justice? I am hoping someone on here can offer me some advice on how to go about having this driver charged with hit and run. I have contacted the officer assigned to my case, he is not responding and I have been told it is up to the officer on whether or not a charge for hit run should be filed.
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