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  1. I worked in a private but large employer who seemed to have different standards for women & men. As an example, I was required to move to NY from TX as many of my people worked in NY but had others around the country. Had a male colleague (peer) that was also asked to repo to NYC and believe he did however he was rarely in as he was busy in the field with construction. I heard recently that he was moving to CA. We do not have an office there. The VP of HR said his wife got an opportunity there with work so they were allowing him to move to CA to live and work though his only people reporting to him live & work in NY as well. He had no remote people while I did. Coincidentally after mentioning that I thought this was a problem to the VP of HR along with other workplace issues she told me that she would support me finding other employment and would keep it confidential as long as I told her I was going on an interview and turned in days for that. Within a few weeks of this conversation, I was let go for causes that are petty at best and not applied fairly across the organization as a) turning in a vacation day without verbally talking to my boss at 11am the same day was the cause I was given and I had worked from home another day the previous week after experiencing issues with the train commute also not telling my boss. I am 100% certain that I would be a precedent for this reason and have evidence of treatment by my boss where he created an environment where speaking to him or him speaking to me was almost zero as he inherited me from someone else and had no interest in anything I did. This boss who also informed me that a pregnant employee was unwelcome in our workplace (I have 4 witnesses to that and trail of emails). This boss who told me he only wants to work with his "family" in the business that he knew from Day 1 and had no other interest in adding anyone to this family. The same boss who protected men who behaved badly in full view of others. Where do I start? Is this an employment environment complaint or wrongful term? There is much more like starting meetings with blonde jokes & on & on. Help I am a TX transplant to NY and now left here... Thank you very much
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