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  1. And i don't care what he do with the rent money after i paid it I have a problem when i check my status on how much i have left on the property and it shows i miss months that i paid for and can pull up receipts showing i paid the month.
  2. I didn't pay in July because when I paid a week prior to the first the money somehow came back to my account and when i found out it wasn't paid the landlord called and told me how much to bring and he put it in writing and put it at the residence
  3. and when I ask can the landlord do that I am referring to Use my rent money and put it towards back taxes in order for the state to not take the property.
  4. he can evict me even I have all reciepts showing I paid rent all the way up to August?
  5. I have a rent to own property in Detroit, Michigan. In Late July, the landlord called me and told me that if i can come up with x amount of dollars by august, I could have the deed to the house, and that he put in writing on how much i need to pay in order to get the deed in the mail slot at the property. On August 12,2016, I went up to the office with the paper showing how much i needed to bring along with the cash. When I arrived I talked with one of the staff members and she told me that, what was on the paper was how much i owed on rent I failed to pay (mind you the landlord didn't tell me anything about i missed any payments.) She called the landlord, and I spoke with him and he raised the price and said give me what you have now plus $500 for the deed, etc. So I asked her to print out my Paperwork on all that I paid on since I got the property in September of 2015. On the paperwork, it showed i missed April and may of 2016 and July and august of 2016. I didn't pay July because I thought i paid it the week prior to the first of July and somehow the money went back into my account and nobody told me anything. And I didn't pay august because i was paying the x amount for the deed. so i asked the office employee where was April and May rent and she said, "well we talked on the phone back in February and you told me I could put towards the back taxes." I replied I never authorized any payments to go towards my back taxes. and she got irate and said, "You know what your wasting my time," and i replied, "fine take me to court. Can the Landlord do that? What should my next step be?
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