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  1. Yes! I would appreciate a response and/or the regulations or rules that govern the response time that the State is bound by. If the State files a Motion for an Extension of Time, which was sixty (60) days why are they noncompliant for over the sixty (60) day of extension. Why must I be left waiting? They certainly didn't wait to wrongfully incarcerate me! I sould have a Right to Due Process and Equal Protection. I most definitely have a Right to be Heard so long as my claims are meritorious, in fact I also have the Right to Petition the Courts! So, again I wish to understand the purpose of the State filing for an extension. Why have to ask for something that was never intended to be followed or honored. What is the use of guidelines or Rules. Which not following what is considered to be the law is the very reason for said petition. Had the State of Hawaii and its prosecutor's obeyed the United States Constitution, I would've never been convicted of such hearsay evidence to begin with.
  2. Why is it that when attorneys know that they've mismanaged a clients case, in Hawaii the attorneys ban together to protect one another for their own interest, and the State assist this type of behavior by not responding to petitions for post conviction. The State of Hawaii seems to belief that the laws of the land doesn't apply to them, so while waiting I shall get all parties involved some assistance in resolving this particular legal mystery. The Constitution isn't being followed by the officials responsible for upholding the laws of our Country. I'll never understand Hawaii's reasoning with mass-incarceration, especially since the State doeidesn't have a high crime rate. The rate that Hawaii is incarcerating people that actually reside in the State, borders on human trafficing laws. Thus, this type of violation increases the very real possibility of WRONGFUL CONVICTIONS!!!!!
  3. How long can the State of Hawaii drag its feet in responding to a meritorious petition for post conviction relief, the State was granted a motion for an extension of time, and has failed to provide a timely response. Meanwhile, I sit idle unable to adjudication my claims that would entitle me to relief under the constitutions of the United States and Hawaii State Constitutions. In violation to my right to due process & equal protection!
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