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  1. Im sorry, i was asking would i be entiled to allimoney, im not out to harm him, but i dont want to be destitute either. We want to do this ammicably. Im not sure a divorce or separation would be best. We dont hate each other, there is just no cliquick to " us" any longer.
  2. My spouse and I have been married 31 yrs, have 2 grown children out on their own with own families. I am looking seek a divorce in PA (cambria county). I was a state employee for 23 yrs, retired on disabily pension and also rec ss disabilty each month just under $3,000. My husband is earning aprrox $55-60k yrly. He has no medical or dental ins except thru me, premiums for him (he is not medicare elig, he is 58 yrs old) are ded monly from my penzion checks. We have a $82,400 mtg, and $$35,000 home equity loan in both our names, the home equity was for our daughters wedding ($30,000) and to pay off some bills, we also have about $10,000 in credit card debt in my name but both of us reaped the rewards if you may from it, did update on house. Our home is poss worth about $180,000- $200,000. Our mortgage will be paid in 6yrs at $1275 monthly, no pmt on home equity only intrest is due mnthly which is all I have paid on it. In 1993 I recvd a cash award from workers comp at approx $150,000. We both spent it on bills, home improvements, new vehicle for him (which he still drives by the way) and our kids. Ive sought counceling reg our marriage before, ive packed up and moved out only to return numerous times, for the kids sake and finnancial reasons as I see it now. With me being on disability, seeking a divorce on grounds of incompatability, could I recv allimony from my husband if so for how long and at wht % of his pay? He avgs $3,000-3500 monthly. I have my pension set up as well that if I pass before him he shall recv $1050 monthly til he dies, he has aprox $110,000 in a traditional IRA. I am willing to let him keep that $1050 a month IF he pays me $1,000 mon NOW to help with the mortgage and taxes and ins til the mortgage is satisfied and HE splits the home equity loan and credit card debt down the middle with me. I would be willing as well to let him keep his IRA to himself. If I have no recourse such as that as I have stated in the state of PA, then I will need a good attorney because I fear I would loose the house on just my income. He will keep all his paychecks starting with this coming friday as I am only paid 2x per mon, 2nd weds of mon and last working day of month. Please guide me in the right direction and into a good attorneys office.
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