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  1. I transferred a piece of land on the east side of the road to my ex husband in a divorce. It was not surveyed but was part of our original land and had survey pins and thr road was a boundary- plus or minus 15 acres.The lawyers receptionist drew up a quit claim deed which did not close the property on 4 sides but wandered over across the road. As a consequence it went to the tax map dept and they gave my ex 3 acres on the other side of the road unbeknownst to me until I went to sell it and discovered the error. He will not sign off on the new deed and claims I "owe" him that land because it says in the divorce settlement 15 acres - no description of that piece of land and no plus or minus. That 15 acres just refers to the parcel not actual acreage which in fact turned out to be 12 acres. Again he wanted the parcel and chose no survey.My lawyer is dragging this out - its been one year.
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