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  1. well, gg Also, does anyone know if getting married in a state with out a parent consent works? Like, doing it willingly at age 16 ?
  2. well, my dad said he'd be guardian of her same for my mother, but don't you need papers and her parents to agree with it? Cause that seems to be a common issue now days, cause alot of parents don't let their kids do anything even though they say "Oh yes you're an adult" but treat them like a kid and not care about what they have to say, just wanna be able to get her out and i know the Emancipation can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks too right or could it be sooner?
  3. Mmm, i see what yeah mean i guess it'll be hard then with out a job is it?
  4. I came on here to ask something for someone i care about and hopefully get answers.... Im not sure if this is in the right part of where it is suppose to be but I'd like to know do you really need a job in Georgia to get a Emancipation and she doesn't like where she lives, reason i can say a few reason, she gets no privacy first of all, all her family comes barging in to her room with out even knocking on her door, they hardly buy food, her dad throws a fit when her mom buys food, he always buys fast food, and her health wise isn't good her body rejects most food she eats now, and her parents say they care about her, but never ask her how school is, or if she is ok, they don't really bother doing anything to help her, and she has two sisters an older one and little one, her older sister is married but lives in the house with them in the basement, and her dad is so worried about money, my friend is having issues trying to get her school work done because no one lets her do what she needs to do, and she wants out but doesn't want to have to get a job to get a Emancipation, I've told her once i get what i need done with my family and get this new house she'll be moving in with me and my mom and dad and look after her, and she really wants it. She means the world to me, shes like a sister to me and more and she feels the same way, is there anyway someone can help me out or give me an idea on how this all really works? I really do need the help... Also, if there is another way cause her parents won't let her move at all even though they say she is an adult but won't let her do anything with her life is there really anything she can do to get out of their?
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