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  1. But it gave us some perspective and other information to research. Thanks for the information.
  2. Thank you so much, this Betancourt case is exactly on point,
  3. Both the Judges of Superior Court and District Court have stated find me some case law that gives me authority and I will rule on this case.
  4. Because the doctor of record has tainted the waters so to speak, we asked for a second opinion from two other hospitals and he got on the phone and voice his bias opinion and now they don't want offer an opinion, all the neurosurgeons in the group refuse to assess my son and get involved, you have to be credentialed to operate at this hospital as you do at any hospital. This group maintains all the surgeon's for Neurology. My son is too fragile to be transferred he currently has an EVD that the doctors refuse to look at, they have essentially abandoned my son's care.
  5. I'm an idiot and wasn't thinking, bottom line I'm researching on my own. My son has a brain tumor and has three EVD's placed now the Doctor refuses to do a fourth because he believes my son will never regain his faculties. Can you point me to some case law forcing a doctor to perform a procedure please.
  6. I'm asking because a Neurosurgeon has abandoned his patient, refusing to place another EVD stating the patient is terminal and will ultimately die, however the patient is still very much alert and continues to hang on, This doctor has stated he can't be forced to do something he disagrees with and the parents of this child can just "sue him", so The Law Office F**** C******* would like to take them up on their offer and sue.
  7. Has there ever been a case where a Doctor refused treatment and was ordered by the court to continue treatment?
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