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  1. Thanks for the replies..... actually we were buying the trailer from the park. on a 7 year lease. we have lived here for almost 2 years. Never been late on rent, never had any kinda write up. or anything.
  2. Hello I live in a trailer park .( please no trailer park jokes)... my son who is 17 was attacked by a 21 year old with a gun which turned out to be a bb gun they painted the tip) and machete and a hammer. the 21 year old was band from the park previously. my son who is 17 ended up whooping the boys butt. we did call the police and made a complaint . the park then turned around after I paid rent for this month and said that we had to move out. even though they have wrote on the notice to quit that my son was defending himself. they have givin us 30 days to move. if I move quietly in the 30 days they wont put the eviction on my "record" can they do this?
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