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  1. I have a 16year old child who extremely mentally sick and required hospitalization often. I recently went to court and for medical issues I had asked the judge to grant me the primary and only person to provide medical insurance for the child. As agreement from the court that what it said. Dad live in VA and I live in MA so there no need for his insurance to be involve and also when she is admitted to a hospital the dad insurance don't coverage close to home so it very difficult to have both insurance to be involved. Since I am the primary care for the child and my insurance is from here it just make sense to for me to have the primary insurance. We both agreed to this. Now I am facing a big problem, My insurance wont pay because his insurance is still active and he had no plan to remove her after many discussion and argument even with a court order. My insurance is asking for "end date" from his insurance to pay for any outstanding bill and I am taking about thousand of dollars. Now I am also facing that the PCP clinic that she is goes to wont take her until I pay this outstanding bills. I also have another child with my current partner and they are refusing to see him as well because the bills are attach together. I don't know whats to do. Any please help!
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