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  1. Got it. And thanks again for steering me in the correct direction. I really appreciate it.
  2. Oops!! Yep, made a typo there. I promise I will never do that again. Thank you for your response but just an FYI. You state that FTC's ( see, he can be taught!!) "cooling off rule" would not apply in this situation. Yet the link that you kindly attached in your reply clearly states the opposite as well as the Pa. Health Club Act. The conditions legislated in Pa. that would allow this rule to be applied as I read it, would be that the contract was for more than $25 and 3 months or longer in length. I'm suspecting that this is a federal vs. state regulation/interpretation but that is why I'm on this blog. Once again, thanks for the information. I appreciate it.
  3. Wife went to sign up for a $25 once a week yoga class and comes out after high pressure sales tactics having signed a contract for $500 per month, 2 days per week, minimum 3 month commitment. Realizes she made a mistake and calls back within the hour and leaves a message (they would not answer) to say she has changed her mind and cannot afford the payment. In addition, she didn't receive a copy of the contract. In todays email, she received an acknowledgement of her call but said she signed a contract and they intended to hold her to it. My question, is the FCC's "cooling off rule" applicable here? I have read that courses of instruction and training are covered by this rule stating you have until midnight of the 3rd business day to void a contract simply because you've changed your mind. In any case, I was able to put a hold on the charge card and am trying to talk amicably with the representatives but they seem to want to play the heavy. Thoughts?
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