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  1. I'm in need of advice. My husband and I had to get both our vehicle's fixed. My car was done but he has a scion xb and blew a head gasket. We gave the mechanic the money for all the parts. He has told us the car would be ready but now we are going on 5 months of it not being finished. He charged us $800 for labor and we have paid all but $150. The car is not done and he keeps stalling. There is 1 part that proves to be difficult for him and he has stated that if he cranks the car and he didn't set the timing chain right. It can mess up the engine and he will be responsible for replacing it, and he does not have the money to do that. I told my husband I refuse to pay this guy anymore money especially with him not answering our phone calls and never being home and out of town. We are wanting to retrieve our vehicle from his property and take it to the dealership to get finished properly. My question is so we have the right to do that? Can I have a police escort? Can I do a civil suit? Help please!!!!
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