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  1. remo

    miranda rights

    good to have that cleared up. thank you. In this state of Arizona what are the range of consequences I might expect under the charges I described?
  2. remo

    miranda rights

    I understand the guidlines and consequences of having ones Miranda Rights read to them, ( or ), Not read to them is the same for All of the United States. Is this correct? Having been pulled over and charged with,1- Failure to maintain a single lane. 2-Liquor, Possesion of open container w/i vehicle, 3-DUI, Impaired to the slightest degree. Curbside breathalizer of .101. Arrested, handcuffed and placed in back of squad car. Refused blood test in squad car. Informed the officer I had just several hours prior had major dental surgery and consequentally prescribed pain medication. Was then taken to the station when after an hour or so the arresting officer finally rad me my Miranda Rights. Then presented with a Search Warrant to take a Blood Sample. Followed by another breathalizer which read a .08. ( the legal limit ) I was told. So- My Main question is; How significant is the fact that my rights were not read to me until long after I had been arrested and confined. (25 or 30 years ago I was arrested for a DUI in NY state and the judge simply dismissed the case because my rights weren't read to me Before I was confined to the back seat of the squad car.
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