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  1. I had hail damage in COSPGS. On the morning of the 7-29, a very nice XXRoof rep came by offering free inspections and to meet with our adjusters w/ no obligation. He did a quick visual on our roof, and asked we signed what was explained as a non-obligatory form which would allow him to speak with our adjusters. He came back out on 8 August to talked to our adjuster. Then... nothing. No calls, no estimates, no nothing. Our insurance adjuster gave estimates based on his inspections and check has been issued (not cashed). The form turns out to be a Contingent agreement stating XX Roof will represent us and if agreeable price is approved by my insurance & accepted by XX Roof, then it becomes binding. There's also verbiage that if not cancelled in 72 hours, we must pay 15% of liquidated insurance proceeds. They have not done anything. I feel like the main character of the letters I'm getting daily now to avoid scams. Am I bound? This form has no timeframes, materials, etc. but payment would be amount of insurance approved/accepted by XXRoof. So a month later, here I am. No roof, not sure if I can go somewhere else... afraid to cash a check to complete other work I need done. Am I bound? The agreement seems to be voided by XXRoof due to non-action nor contact/communication. It almost seems like they're just waiting for me to tire an go to another company, then they'll come for 15%. The agreement also is not a work order. They are a large company, and perhaps they will void it... but I wanted to get some legal advice first. Maybe get an attorney??
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