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  1. about 6 7 months ago i financed a car from the bank and when i received the title for the car there was no lien recorded on it so i told the bank to take the car back as i wasnt able to make payments any more because after couple of months i was out of job and unemployed but bank didnt took the car back and about 3 months ago i had to go to overseas so i by mistakenly transferred the title and registered the car under my friend name now the title and registration is under my friend name and i told him to sign and send title to bank along with a letter stating that i did this by mistakenly and he already send the title and a letter stating that bank can add lien on the title and can take the car back and its been 3 month's and i havent heard any thing from the bank and upon checking the dmv site there isnt any lien added on the car and title and the bank hasnt took the car yet what should i do i still have the car and not even using it any more as i want the bank to take the car back
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