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  1. This is her school, which she attends. This was a school day when visitors are welcome. The bell had rung. I was signing her in. We were not visiting. She is a 4 year old student of the school. We were not early for school just early for the group meeting with the teacher. This was not a matter of security. She attends the school. Even the teachers could have escorted her to the bathroom without me if need be. The incident may sound blown out of proportion because I didn't give you all the details to the other situations I've already dealt with. Myself and other parents and teachers and staff have all reported different situations that we've had with this woman over the coarse of 4 years. She has been reported many times. And i have already spoken with the principal on 2 occasions. But I didn't come here for opinions from individuals about how I handled it or even come here to share all of the details of the happenings surrounding the other situations leading up to my call to the board. I came here to see if there were any legitimate legal savvy individuals that could tell me whether or not I have any legal ground to stand on. It seems I came to the wrong place. Not because I'm not getting the answers I was hoping for but because no one here has actually answered my question with any real information or direction. A mother in California sued a public school for keeping her child from using the restroom in 2014. I don't know if she won or not but clearly it is of concern to other parents. I do know, however, after being forced to hold it so many times she had to have surgery and therapy to relearn how to hold her bowels. A child's abikini to hold their bladder and bowels isn't all about self control ( to the commenter that thinks that is a part of potty training) my 4 year old still has trouble with holding her urine which is a matter of physical development, different for every child. When they say they have to go, you bring them. Immediately. At this young age it's cruel otherwise. Thank you all for your opinions on the matter but I was seeking more than opinions. I will call a real lawyer today.
  2. And I did take my child to the bathroom even though we were told we weren't allowed to go. But I don't want this happening again. This is not an isolated issue. The woman has been harassing me and other parents for some time. All of the situations I've had with her personally have been documented but nothing has been done to correct her behavior. Going to the board was my last move but if she isn't taken out of her position I'm looking for a legal means to do that. This is not about vengeance though, please understand that. This is about a positive atmosphere where children aren't denied essential rights while in the care of reasonable adults.
  3. So it's legal to deny a 4 year old access to the bathroom in her own school? I have spoken to the teacher, principal and board of education. I am waiting to hear back from the board of education on how they'd like to proceed and I am trying to find out what direction I can move.
  4. School had just begun for the other students, including my 6 and 7 year old, and our meeting with the new teacher was not for another 20 minutes. We are always asked to wait outside of the building if we are early for meetings but I came in with my older children so that I could allow my 4 year old to use the bathroom as she had asked and was now doing the pee pee dance. I went into the office and began to sign myself in under the assumption that of course my child could use the bathroom and while explaining that we were just headed to the bathroom and we'd proceed outside afterwards the secretary told me no. I asked what Olivia was supposed to do, she's 4, freshly potty trained how should we handle this, she responded with " I don't know how YOU Should handle it. You are too early to enter the building you have to go back outside."
  5. On her way into meet with her teacher for the first time, my 4 year old preK Student was denied use of the restroom. The secretary has been cruel before but this seems not only Immoral but illegal. Please help me understand my child's rights so I can pursue this issue further.
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