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  1. Thank you that is what I was afraid of, she told me they needed it to do the refinance. She made it sound like they were in the process but it obviously never happened.
  2. I signed over my interest to her. Right they missed a ton of payments to the point of it going into sheriff sale three different times then she filed bankruptcy to restart the whole process. I know that is why my credit it shot, my ex also didn't refinance the truck of his that was in both of our names that he was supposed to and got it repossessed. Obviously I'm guessing the couldn't refinance because of he way that the payments were not being made and things like that. What I mean by my husband is my current husband, I got remarried in 2009 and everything he has to get strictly in his name because I can't get anything. I did all of the things that I was supposed to do according to the decree, I paid off my car and the credit card that was mine even though his name was on it. The house, his car, and a credit card that was his that also had my name on, all of that he just let go and let it go into collections and repossessions. I am just tired of dealing with this it has been almost 8 years and I keep getting told that there is nothing that I can do.
  3. Yes in the decree he was given an amount of time to remove my name from the mortgage and the deed. I did have to sign a quick claim deed to give up my interest in the house. I want to say he was given 6 months to do this but there is no mention of his mother in the decree. Yes i actually had one that did the initial filing and the first set of appearances, then i took him back to court with a different attorney to try and have the custody of the children reversed and for him not taking my name off the house, and the judge basically said that you cant get blood out of a turnip and nothing was done to force him to take action on this. No there was no written agreement between his mother and I to get me off the loan. She just said that she was going to do it. That was when I signed the quick claim deed because she said I needed to do that so she could get it refinanced and well needless to say that never happened.
  4. Ok I got a divorce from my ex husband and it was finalized in November of 2008, the home that we lived in also with his mother I moved out of and did not contest him and her keeping the house. They were supposed to refinance the house to have my name removed off of the mortgage and all other paperwork relating to the house. Where things get a little screwy is that the house was in his mothers name and my name, his name was not on the mortgage, i want to say that it was somehow on the deed but not the mortgage. Now since 2008 the home has gone up for sheriff sale several times and all of them were stopped by her filing bankruptcy, then the bankruptcy would be over turned for non payment of the plan payments. What recourse do I have to get my name off of this it has shot my credit because of the late payments and all of that and her name is not in the decree to take him back for contempt of court. I am a stay at home mom and everything what my husband and I have are in his name because of the payments that they did not pay on the house as well as the foreclosures that were on the house. Please any help or advise would be great I feel like I have no recourse on this and that I am have not control over this situation and they have all of the power. Thank you
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