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  1. There is much, much history to the tale. I assure you that you , too, would not want him on your property at all let alone near a large , deep hole. He has turned everyone in for various reasons and sued his adjacent neighbor over the property line. He once told me to get off of his property at a point of which was the middle of the roadway. That was the final straw which certainly justified his being told likewise when he decided to go so far as he did.
  2. Thank you everyone. Adjusterjack, I like the way you think. The rock idea is being used by another. I feel that it offers unjust punishment to a driver who may go off the roadway due to some reason. Should it be a mother with children I certainly would not want them to be injured. The entry was that he came onto my property to talk to gas company workers who were installing a new main gas line. Their dealing is entirely with me as the companies right of way transverses our farm. He was at the edge of a deeply excavated hole. He definitely was beyond any township road right of way. Because of his nature and our non-neighborly friendship I demanded that he exit my property. His defense statement was his lie that he was in the right of way of the roadway. Thus I began to research , and I found this discussion board. I appreciate your concern and efforts. Burch
  3. We live along a rural township roadway. It is barely wide enough for two cars to pass by one another. It has a township right of way of 16 from its center. Therefore approximately 3 feet of that easement is in the front yard of my property. A troublesome neighbor enters that area in my front yard. He states that he can legally be there because he is in the township road right of way. I feel that he is illegally encroaching on my private property. Who is right?
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