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  1. AM or PM does not matter. 2 hr. Window that occurs while I work is the matter in regard to trash pick up. We have mail boxes but ups leaves your packages at the office. They are supposed to inform you of the fact you have a package or let ups guy in to complex for delivery. Frankly I do not care how they do it, I just feel they shouldn't hold my package from me. A seller wished for feedback from me. I informed them no package was delivered that I know of but that I would track it and speak with ups. I told ups I had no package and they insist I do in the office. After informing manager of a package delivery she gave it over. No problem exists on this mail issue anymore. It was a seperate issue but relates to the whole problem here at this complex. A paper with rules for trash pick up was delivered with the trash can. Where can I find the rights for renters? That way you do not need to be bothered by me and I can work on solving my problems by knowing my own rights. I can also work on community development. Seeing who else feels as if this servie is something they do not want and did not ask for. I feel, the answers provided here, with exception of the last one, seem so jaded. Original thought, and plans of action are what I seek. I can come up with them if I know the rules. Please inform me of the location of said rules. i also wish you all the best and hope you can find happiness and passion in your lives.
  2. I have written before but was wondering about the narrow field of rules governing my forced amenities. According to the Paper I can only set out trash from 6-8 and trash cans being left out earlier forfeit you right to pick up you are in fact paying for. 2 hour window. I let them know I work from 3 - 10 and they said put it out prior to leaving. I reminded her of the rules and was told that they were not enforcing that rule. Given her nasty demeanor, I asked for that in writing and was told no. Also now my mail is lost. What should I do? I fear retaliation due to complaining. Ideas?
  3. I also pay a fee for dumpster pick up already and it is a new lease I just signed. I was told to sign or move out with the breaking lease fee if I don't like it. I Had to sign or go m to m which is an outrageous price. I can barely pay as it is. Like most people I am too rich for any help but have a kid with a disability and have to manage all that comes with so that the extra money takes away from where I could really use it like getting out of here with out spiraling in to an impoverished state. I am certain no one cares about this but hey. There it is. I am one of those people who does not have the four thousand it would literally cost to move. Rent here, rent for new place, deposits, and moving itself. I have student loan debt and no job for my degree. I work below what I should. Just move out seems so easy but, no, it isn't. I feel trapped and dare I say it abused by the power this place asserts over me when they just throw **** out there. What is next? The next thing will make it harder for me to find money to leave. I am struck by a story I heard of miners who took housing from a company they worked for and never got out of their debt. The had to work for the rest of their lives due to unfair practices of those people. How is this different? I mean conceptualy?
  4. Also what about bugs from can? Ew.
  5. Yes, I just put my trash out by the door and they get it but from the hours of 6p to 8p and I work from 3p to 10p. Paper that came with small trash can I am now responsible for says I can not leave the can out during the day or I do not get my trash collected. Terms are outrageous! Any help there?
  6. My apartment decided we should have a trash pick up service. It costs an extra 25.00 a month. I did it for free up till now I pay for trash already and now I am forced to pay for this service or move out. Seems fascist to me. Is it legal to not allow an opt out on amenities?