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  1. The settlement was full and final about 9 years ago (when I was 23). I am 32 now, not on medicare. I was young and inexperienced in the questions I should have asked my lawyer, and he did not offer full explanations aside from the fact that I'd be covering my medical expenses myself for the rest of my life, if I took the settlement. I was so sick of the process and being interrogated regularly that I accepted his advice. Now when I get treatment for the injury, I want to put the whole workers comp thing behind me and just get regular medical coverage. This question on forms always trips me up - Will I need to go through the discussion of workers comp with each new doctor/insurance company, even when this settlement is 20 years old? 30?. I've thought about contacting the lawyer I worked with (who was close to retirement age then) - I'm not sure if it's ok to contact that lawyer over a minor case he covered almost a decade ago.
  2. I have an old settlement for a workers compensation claim (~9 years), but still have lasting medical needs. Whenever I am seen by a new doctor for the injury, the forms always ask if it occurred at work. What is my obligation under my settlement in this respect? Do I select yes and then explain that it is a settled case? Will my personal insurance balk at the idea that they are covering this if they see the forms? Or, as part of my settlement, did I agree to say that the injury did not occur at work? Am I expected to bluff on the forms as part of the settlement?
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