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  1. Yes, my employer does provide barevement leave pay for parents, grand parents ect.. I am a step granddaughter however his obituary says I'm his granddaughter. The obituary is needed to prove immediate family.. i.e. granddaughter, parent ect. Which I provided. However because someone told management at my place if employment that I was not related. So, even though I provided an obituary stating I'm his granddaughter, they refuse to pay me for the bereavement leave. Is there any merit to this? They can just decide to not pay me although I provided the necessary documents asked for..? Because another person said I wasn't related or even if they knew I was only a step granddaughter, doesn't the obituary, that was asked for per my handbook, over ride what they know or heard? Also, I am UAW if that makes a difference. My union is fighting this but I would like to know if I have the right to the paid leave ...
  2. My step dad has been my dad and in my life for 27 years. His father, my step grandfather passed away. I took 3 days bereavement pay under grandparent, per my Cba from work . Upon receiving my paycheck, my bereavement pay was missing, when asked why I had not received my pay I was told because he was not related to me. My Cba states: To provide proof of relationship to immediate family as follows.... Grandparent. 3 days... However, the obituary states me as a granddaughter... I provided said obituary but someone told my Human Resource I am not related, so they refuse to pay me. Do I have any legal rights to this bereavement leave?
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