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  1. Already contacted child protective services and as for the contempt I have to wait til I get paid on Friday to pay the $100 dollar filing fee.
  2. I have been having ongoing issues with visitation with my kids. Most recently my ex-wife encouraged my daughter to refuse to going with me for visitation, she is 12 years old. About a month back I was asked by my ex to have a talk with one of my daughters concerning inappropriate pictures between her and a boy that is 14. Since then my ex has become friends with this boys parents and so allowed a relationship to continue. My daughter wanted to go to a baby shower for one of this boys family members. Being my weekend for visitation and not approving of a relationship with this boy I told her she would not be able to go. My ex then influenced my daughter that she did not have to go with me that weekend because her mom didn't force her to go with her Dad. So now I receive a call saying that they someone how got alone and had sex. The local police say there is nothing illegal or criminal that can be done because of their age. I only wish I had money for an attorney, but after child support I am left with just enough to live on. I am currently trying to save money for a consultation and retainer for a lawyer but don't see this being done in a timely manner. Legal aide says I make to much and doesn't consider child support as a deduction. What can I do to ensure the welfare and well being of my kids to have the proper guidance in life. My ex leaves them home alone while she works cause my oldest will be 14 this year.
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