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  1. Thank you for this response, very helpful. Yes, the incidences took place years ago, so apparently it is not reportable. I have to say though, it makes me a bit uncomfortable, because what if the teacher is still teaching somewhere? Anyway, thank you again.
  2. My question pertains to reporting statutory rape years after it occurred. Say someone is a mandated reporter of child abuse and is told about an incident of statutory rape that occurred years ago. In this scenario, the perpetrator is a 30-year-old teacher and the student was 15 and 16 when the incidents occurred. The victim is not yet 50, so they could still report because that statute of limitations in PA doesn't run out until victim is 50. Victim does not report, but does tell someone who is a mandated reporter. First, it is my understanding that if you don't have a name of a perpetrator, you cannot report. Is that true? Second, are mandated reporters required to report even if the victim is no longer a child, but middle-aged? Finally, who would you even report to--child line? What if the abuser is still teaching? What if the mandated reporter doesn't know if they are teaching or not?
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