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  1. So after quite the lengthy process of speaking with both the financing company and the car dealership (and speaking to the financing company about the 250% increase was REALLY fun), we were able to pinpoint the error. There were a couple charges of $2,000 for warranty things and other charges for things I had never even heard about. The issue came up about me signing the papers with these costs on them, and I did, but I was able to get these additional warranty charges removed. Overall, the lesson to be learned is to read everything before you sign it; which is something everybody knows and says, but rarely do. ...it is a bit concerning that things can be slipped into a contract without being addressed or explained though
  2. Two and a half months ago, I financed a car. The cost was $12,000 and I made an $8,000 down payment leaving $4,000 remaining. Financing spread out the $4,000 over 60 months. Well, I recently came into some money and wanted to just pay it off. When I went to the financing company, I was told it would cost me $10,000 to pay it off. That s 2.5x what I owe!!
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