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  1. I can't figure out the best part of the law i need. Bankruptcy, civil, social security i have tried and lost. my life is impacted from tinitus, and loss of 95% of smell and taste. example resurching on the internet is 3-4hr and with no success, so off to the university library spending 1/2 the time walking up and down looking and books. im looking for the best way to cancell student loan knowing the gov doesn't care.
  2. 5yr old on rittlin for ADHD 12yrs old severe TBI always next next years problem 7th-12th grades ready to graduate in 1978 i was told Ca. now requires passing exit exam. struggling with communication, reading, math, oganizing, no time management, and interaction with people. injured in 1997 whent to High Tech institute to be surgical tech. schoolnot acredited frauded into get gov loan with no assessment to see if i would last in this field not able to get certified. 2005 devorced, no job, tested for disabilities. in devorce ex-wife ID thiefted me didn't pay school loan. need help to cancell loan. remarried and school skills still 5th grade with 4th grade reading speed. i struggle in my daily life because having a "Blank Brain" thoughts and ideas are not there. living with my mom need to move for she would like to move. With Boarderline Personality disorder im panicing. If the DOT agrees with medical Board i will lose my liscence due to severe TBI with reading speed 4th grade schools will not let me atend for i will fall behind and fail. time taken to type 1.25hr. Hhaa
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