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  1. Maybe you should read all the fax before getting one the
  2. My husband and I where returning home . We stoped for the night and were setting up for the stay. Well my husband fell and injured his self I took him to the ER . That is were the nightmare started. He was not himself and in pain. I told the staff everything and within about an hour later we were told the we not just him we were just wanting drugs. That is when my husband did something that was not him. He broke into a locker and said if they won't fix him he will do it himself. Yes I know his actions where very wrong but he would never have done in his right mind. This is when we were both arrested and went to jail and thank goodness the police new there was something wrong but they had to do their jobs. Well we get back together and the next morning I had to call the EMT's he couldn't move they take him back to the same ER and that's when they came to me and said that he had to be air lifted because he had a broken neck and a very bad brain injury. The end result was if he had fell or hit his head he would have died. He lost 13 day's that he can not remember and will not be able to work for a long time. And then to send a bill like they did something that night when they didn't do anything at all .So do we have a case and who is liable. And we went on back to are home state and can sue from are home state.
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