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  1. Yes.. $25.00 monthly.. Now we know it bogus. She revised our lease.
  2. Yes thre is a pending lawsuit. I dont think it fair $5,000. We receive by the end of this yr.
  3. But. Not the apt. Mang...IT WAS THE OWNER OF THE 80 unit complex.
  4. Yes . perfect.. U can look up fox4 news. Tenants lease agreement.
  5. This is my 2nd. Problem. My 1st lease.5% increase longs i renew my lease. $545. 2nd.yr. $600.. Just renewed should b $615.a mo.since owner losing money. My rentis $695.a mo.. Said all 1 bed rm.apt.s remodeled. Flooring. New dish washer. Stove. Refeg..$ 695.. Now i do not have thos luxury.. So rent should not b$695.a mo..
  6. Hello this is mega man or buddyt. Dont fall for that rental increase.. Our owner had on our rental agreement BOGUS OBAMACARE SURTAX.. $25.monthyly.. Fox 4 news team PROBLEMS SOLVERS stept in investedgated. Bogus.. . so we have a bigg law suite. IF IT NOT SAYING $25.rent increase . ur rights as a consumer is being violated.
  7. 2013 i moved into my apt.tenants Lease agreement said $25.monthly obamacare surtax.. 2015 .Fox4 news PROBLEMS SOLVERS INVESTED GATED. said thres noo such surtax. Owner got $200,750..collected over the too yrs. I have filed a claim to rippoff report.. An attorney general office. She gasent paid her taxes on property were renting . 80 units complex. It like were paying her taxes. I wonder how much ea. Tentant gets bc. She koing it out of court. By paying us. $5,000.is tht fair?.. Our concumers rights bn. Violated.
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