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  1. I first posted and then was informed to submit a new topic from the following comment: Hi @Sunshine_Gal Welcome to the community and thanks for posting! You have piggybacked on a thread originally started in 2013. The better way to do it to get input from our legal community is to start your own topic. You can do so by clicking... i was just stating facts awaiting any guidance to help me end this turmoil. I want to know if anything has been done or can be done to these companies that divulge personal info on people for a fee? Also to the person that is slandering and threatening me?
  2. The internet is as evil and getting worse. This has been going on approx. 2 years with a person living in Maryland and i reside in Louisiana and he paid a company to receive information on me to harass, slander and degrade me from the information he received from this company. I play on a game site where this lowlife puts all this information on table chat - everything from spouse name, relative with their addresses and phone number - even went as far as posting my neighbors addresses and phone numbers and from some he has even contacted them and told them i was a thief. I have never been in a jail and the information he is spreading is degrading and untrue. Companies as well as the harasser should be criminally sighted and the harasser both - criminally and personal injury. Attachment is just a sample of the length that C**** K*** will go to degrade me.
  3. I have been attacked from this guy that lives in Maryland. He has acquired all my personal information and has posted names phone numbers of relatives also my neighbors names and phone numbers and contacted them telling them I am a thief. This has now gone on for over 2 years. I need something to stop him. When one obtains information on someone to be used as bullying seems this could be a criminal offense. I have copies of the information posted on table chat. Of course others have copied and will post on table chats they are on. They threaten to contact my husband with lies which that does not bother me it is contacting my neighbors and telling them lies.
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