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  1. Ok, I apologise I didn't mean remedy I meant armed I missed that in proof reading. Also, I called 911 to tell them to inform their officers who were going to intercept him that he was armed and to be careful. I didn't know what he was capable and I wanted the officers to be aware of what they were walking into. The 911 operator never contacted the officers. When they got there they thought I was the only kne armed. The didn't search his truck and he lives in another state. I didn't know what kind of gun it was I told them I could describe it and even draw it and they never bothered to get any info not do I think they did any investigation. He bought the property to hunt and start a hunting lodge. So he's threatened my life and my home and familys lives. And is allowed to come to my property and onto my property with guns! My god my children were right there! Isn't that child endangerment? Isn't that cause for a charge or 3 since I have 3 small children? My kids sleep in the same room now thinking he's gonna come in the middle of the night to burn our house down while we sleep. My doors are locked at all time and I don't sit outside anymore cause I was told not to engage so now I'm a prisoner in my own home. Is that damage? He's also been harassing us for 3 months with parking his equipment as close to our house as he can and right where my kids play ball. Isn't that harassment? Bullying?
  2. And my question is if he was advancing towards me armed and I drew mine how can I be charged and not him? He was at my house on my property threatening me while I was home alone with my 3 young children! And what kind of civil cases can I file against him is the other question? I'm just wondering what looking at for he road ahead of me
  3. First of all, my father made a verbal agreement with the previous owner who sold it to this ass. From my research it said when if one of the parties involved in the easement agreement passes then it negates he greenery. The property was bought for hunting. He's a hunter from another state. And he threatened to physically harm my person if I called the police next time. I told him I was calling now. Which set him off .hes 6" taller then me and very stout. If he attacked me I would have no chance t fight him off for he is stronger then me. Plus his stout partner who is also 6" taller then me and onviously stronger was sitting in his truck. I took a weapon for defense in case I needed it. Which I'm glad I did cause he was already remedy with a semi atomatic with around 40 shot clip. He didn't even know I had a weapon before he was already advancing me and my home and children with it drawn and loaded, I hand, finger on trigger. Had I not armed myself before I went out to inform him the police were on their way can you honestly say that he wouldn't shoot me or my children? How can you say you don't see the need for protection? Did you actually read what I wrote?
  4. I've been having issues with a new property owner who owns the property surrounding half my property. Since day one he's been intimidating. The one who sold him the property and my father in law who built the House we live in now had a verbal easement agreement for convenience not necessity. My father in law passed last year which negates any agreement made as well as the sale of the property. The new property owner never used the easement as an easement but as a parking lot for his equipment. It's a 3-400 ft old driveway and he parks it in the spot closest to my house!! And carries his tools the rest of the 200+ feet to get to his property! Just to harass me and be in the way where my children play ball. For 3 months we asked him to remove his vehicles from our property. After a month we started telling him to remove his vehicles or we will contact authorities. His attitude progressed negatively and he became more aggressive and confrontational. Finally, I gave him his final warning beginning of April. Asked him to remove said items and if he parked them on my property again I'll calling police and press trespassing charges on him have his vehicles towed at his expense. He then broke out into verbal assault, which I did return. He threatened bodily harm if I contact authorities where I turned and did such that. 20 minutes for police to get to me due to where I live. I realised I didn't have a fighting chance against him and his business partner was in the truck who obviously wanted no part of this. And I was home alone with my 3 young children. Went out to inform him police were on their way in hopes he'd flee, and to stand between him and my home which held my children who were standing in the door way behind the glass patio doors. They could see it all. He was already advancing towards me armed and dangerous staring me down and not speaking. I drew my weapon in defense which he didn't expect and stopped his advancing but he just stood their staring. He eventually turned back for his truck and started to flee. But before he left my property he told me he hopes I like my house cause he has nothing to loose. Police confiscated my weapon for defense, and told him he can come to my home and use the easement which he has no legal right to nor necessity to use, but has to park on his property which is over 300 acres and we have 3. The other day I received a disorderly conduct ticket for brandishing a firearm in such a manner to alarm said property owner. And no charges brought on him! How can this happen? What do I do? And how can I reverse charges from me to him? What kind of lawsuits and restraining orders do I need to file!? Am I going to jail for defending my family and my self and home?
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