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  1. This sounds like the same location where I got my ticket earlier today.
  2. Hello ALL, I recently received a ticket for parking in a in ADA parking spot on a building in a residential area. I would like to know the following. 1. If this parking space is not the standard 96″ minimum and has no access aisle of at least 60″minimum. Is this a LEGAL ADA parking spot? On one side of this “ADA” space is the next parking space and the other side is a curb with scrubs. There is no access aisle or sidewalk at all. The only access out of the space without some type of curb is to the street. 2. The ADA symbol is not painted in the space. 3. The ADA sign just has the symbol and no other info. I have seen ADA signs in MD have the fine on the space. Yes I know that parking in this space is not the right thing to do but I think that this parking space is not up to ADA code and if not, I might have a change in court, thanks.
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